We’re Scott and Lindsay, SCA and KCBS competition cooks hailing from Enfield, Connecticut. Known to travel long distances for the thrill of cooking in new places and meeting new people, we have competed in over 24 states, including Alaska.

We compete under the Sinister Steak Company banner for SCA competitions, and Sticks & Stones BBQ when working together in BBQ competitions, but are affectionately known as “McMac” by our friends and competitors, because of our different but similar last names (McDonald and MacDonald).


Scott: 26th place finish in 2021 SCA Points Chase

Lindsay: 15th place finish in 2021 SCA Points Chase


14 wins and more than 50 Top 10 finishes in SCA contests

25 Top 10 category finishes and 11 Top 10overall finishes, including back-to-back Grand Championships in BBQ competitions in 2022

2021 Steak Cookoff Association AmbassadorAward, recognized for our efforts and dedication to supporting the growth of SCA-sanctioned contests in new areas across the United States

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