May 1, 2022

Truffle Lamb Roll

Recipe by @howdysbbq

Leg of Lamb
TRUFF Hot Sauce
Coarse Black Pepper
Lawry’s Seasoned Salt

First, get yourself a nice, preferably grass-fed, leg of lamb. Next, butterfly the lamb leg so that it lies down flat and is even. With your knife, score the lamb on the side without the skin on in a crisscross pattern, so that the rub and binder can fill up more surface area of the meat. Next, apply a thin coating of TRUFF hot sauce to the lamb (make sure it's thin and even with no globs). Season the lamb with a generous coat of coarse black pepper, then Lawry’s salt to your liking. Flip the lamb, and repeat the same process with the hot sauce, pepper, and salt.

Once the lamb is evenly rubbed, start at one end of the meat and roll it tightly into a loaf/roast shape. Grab your cooking twine and tie 3 or 4 even rings around the roast to hold it nice and tight in a loaf/roast shape.

Once your smoker is up to 250°F, put your roast on and let it smoke for about an hour. Spritz your roast every hour (optional) with your favorite spritz (for this cook I used 50/50 pickle juice and water) until your meat temp gets up to about 140°F; tent the roast in foil (at least 20 minutes) and let it carry over cook until 145°F internal. Total cook time, depending on size of the lamb, is typically 3–4 hours.

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