Chunky BBQ was formed in 2017 and hails from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. It consists of the husband-and-wife team of John and Stephanie Shirey. We have competed in 14 states and have a goal of adding at least one new state every year. In 2023 we will be adding Connecticut, Missouri, and South Carolina to the list.


Since 2020, eight KCBS Grand Championships and three KCBS Reserve Grand Championships


2022 Northeast Barbecue Society Team of the Year and Rib Team of the Year


2022 Mid-Atlantic Barbecue Association Reserve Grand Champion Team of the Year and Rib Team of the Year


2022 Giant BBQ Battle Grand Champion, in Washington, D.C. (earning our first trip to the Jack Daniel’s Invitational)


Fourth place in pork, Jack Daniel’s Invitational


Eighth place in ribs, American Royal Open Contest

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